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What are we doing now?

For the last several years we have been engaged in custom design work, mostly using ARM Cortex M4 such as Teensy 3.2 from PJRC. It is waaay better than the classic Arduino hardware and there is a great community, including many professional users who are working hard to make reliable, robust products. For example there is a superb I2C library for Teensy 3: i2c_t3. All the Arduino documentation should be as good as this. We use it and highly recommend it, along with a couple of minor mods we've added.

This is our historic archive site

This is a temporary restore of the old Systronix web site, but many links are broken. It's a long story... we will get to making a new site 2017 Q3. In the meantime, if you know how to edit addresses, you can find most of the site content yourself. For example, trackbot files are located at

JStamp and JStik domains are gone but content is still here, under Systronix Miscommunication led to our ISP not renewing these domains as directed, and we didn't catch that in time, so there you go. These products are obsolete but we still have remaining JStik, SaJe and JStik quad serial stock.
Check out our current OS GitHub projects
Mostly related to Teensy 3, WIZnet W5500 and W850io, I2C libraries, and more.
Robotics community at
The robotics community is gone with some files relocated. There are historic projects for TrackBot, Vex and SunSPOT.
What about embedded Java?
Sadly, in the US, it is pretty much dead. None of the realtime Java chip vendors have survived. Oracle killed off SunSPOT - which is what Arduino could/should have been. We've moved on and gone back to the future: writing C++ and C on ARM 32-bit MCUs.
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