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Yes, believe it or don't, we have been so scaled-down and busy with custom projects and getting TStik back into production (that's done, at least) that we have not had time to find a new online store when our ISP pulled the plug on ShopSite support. We want integration with QuickBooks Premier. Any ideas? In the meantime you can still browse the store and then email us to order: sales2008@systronix.com. Date: 2011 March 29.

JStamp and JStik domains are in limbo Well, we tried to renew them through our ISP: Xmission, the same way we have renewed for the last 10 years or so. They received our renewal order, sorted it into a SPAM folder and did nothing. We didn't follow up in part because we noticed that we are still getting billed for domain name hosting every month... we are trying to work out this mess. March was not a good month for us, the Internet, and our ISP. JStamp is obsolete anyway... JStik is not, at least not yet, if we can get some aJ100s from aJile to make more. We're trying...
How rugged is TStik?
Read this unsolicited user testimonial about how TStik stands up in a harsh application, which concludes:
I'm now only using Systronix TStik in new applications.
Robotics community at java.net
The robotics community is gathering some momentum with several active projects for TrackBot, Vex and SunSPOT.
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