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SPOT Blue beta 080609 and final 080827

The Sun SPOT SDK Blue final 080827 release fixes a number of serial I/O and other eDemo board issues (a complete list is included in the release docs). We recommend everyone upgrade to this release. These screen captures are for the beta 080609 -- so for the final release just substitute the 080827 folder (we named ours "sdkBlueFinal080827") -- the rest of the procedure is the same.

Blue 080609 Upgrade Step by Step
Use the current SPOTManager.jnlp
This has been available since Purple. If you don't have this, get it by dowloading a jnlp file at - click on "Launch the Sun SPOT Manager application" and save that file to your local hard disk. Then double click on SPOTManager.jnlp and you will download a new SPOT Manager Tool. Mine is 3.0-20080424.

Configure SPOT Manager to access "Dev Preview" releases

Blue is not yet a General Release so you won't see it in the default SDK view:

SPOT Manager Default SDK View

So change the Preferences to "Dev Preview":


and now you will see the Blue releases:

Dev Preview

Download and install blue-080609

Select blue-080609 and click the install button:
Blue Install

I like to give mine a folder name like "sdkblue080609" (which you can see in the above screens is already installed and active)

Blue install folder

Upgrade your SPOT(s)

Open a command prompt in the folder you just created. For me this is C:\Program Files\Sun\SunSPOT\sdkblue080609

Connect a SPOT via USB and at a command prompt type "ant upgrade" and follow the prompts. You will usually be asked to reset the SPOT at some point. The upgrade also automatically applies itself to the eDemo board runtime.

This use of Ant always boggles my mind. I once spent an hour or so trying to understand how all the interwoven Ant stuff works here... and gave up. If anyone ever figures it out please post a link to the dissection in the TrackBot google group.

There is an additional step for the basestation - follow the directions on screen.

Upgrade Complete

SPOT virtual COM port in Device Manager

Here's what the SPOT virtual COM port looks like in WInXP Device Manager. The SPOT SDK has to be installed and the SPOT has to be plugged in for this virtual port to be visible.

SPOT virtual COM port

Need help? Use the SPOT Manager forum at SunSPOTWorld
Please address all SPOT questions to this forum since this is where all the SPOT gurus hang...

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